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Dispersants and Deflocculants

UMC-LIG CH UMC-LIG CH is a high temperature thinner/dispersant composed of chromium salt of modified lignite which contains Humic acid. It is a highly temperature stable chrome lignite thinner and fluids loss reducer for water based mud used in drilling deep wells. More Details
UMC-SAPP UMC-SAPP is an effective dispersant and protects against cement contamination. More Details
UMC-LIG C UMC-LIG C is a causticised dispersant specially formulated and chemically modified organic compound of lignite that posseses improved dispersing ability over untreated lignite. More Details
UMC-LIG P UMC-LIG P is a specially selected leonardite material which has been carefully reacted.. More Details
UMC-FCL UMC-FCL is a high grade of ferrochrome lignosulfonate thinner. It is a highly effective dispersant which controls the viscosity and fluid loss of dispersed water based systems. More Details
UMC-CFL UMC CFLis a high effective chrome free  lignosulfonate thinner which is applicable in fresh water and sea water drilling fluids. UMC –CFL also acts as a protective gel and fluid loss reducing agent, in mud systems. More Details
UMC-ACRYL THIN UMC-ACRYL THIN is a low molecular weight liquid anionic synthetic polymer thinner/ deflocculated for use in water based drilling fluids. More Details
UMC-ACRYL THIN SUPER HT UMC-ACRYL THIN HT is a liquid anionic synthetic polymer deflocculated for use in water based drilling fluids up to of 500 Deg F. More Details
UMC-LIG UMC-LIG is a dry, ground ,powdered lignite used in water based muds. More Details
 Lubricants and Surfactants Lost Circulation Materials  
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