Offers Weighting Agents, Viscosifiers, Scavengers, Shale Control Additives, Biocides, Corrosion Inhibitors, Defoamers, Lubricants, Surfactants, Dispersants, Deflocculants, Lost Circulation Materials, Fluid Loss Additives and Oil Based Mud Additives.  
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Weighting Agents
Shale Control Additives
Biocides and Corrosion Inhibitors
Lubricants and Surfactants
Dispersants and Deflocculants
Lost Circulation Materials
Fluid Loss Additives
Oil Based Mud

Lubricants and Surfactants

UMC-EPW LUBE is a very economical water based lubricant based on fatty derivatives. It is biodegradable and so has minimal effect on environment. More Details
UMC-E.P SIL LUBE UMC-E.P SIL LUBE is a non toxic, Bio-Degradable torque reducer. UMC-E.P SIL LUBE is formulated for silicate based drilling fluid… More Details
UMC-LUBE EXXEL UMC-LUBE EXXEL is a high quality,highly active , environmental friendly lubricant based on .. More Details
UMC-LUBE 100 UMC-LUBE 100 is a highly active extremely low foam water based lubricant. More Details
UMC-D.D UMC-D.D is a mud detergent for all type of drilling fluid systems. More Details
UMC-RIG WASH is a detergent blend of ionic and non ionic surfactants. More Details
UMC-SPOTTING FLUID W UMC-SPOTTING FLUID W is specially formulated spotting fluid capable of being weighted-up. UMC-SPOTTING FLUID W is designed to free stuck-pipe or produce spacers to give clear displacement of water based muds. More Details
 Defoamers Dispersants and Deflocculants  
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